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Mobile App Marketing: Meet Your Mobile Market | the e of Marketing

27 Sep

Mobile Marketing |?m?b?l ?m?rkitiNG | What is it, exactly?

Literally, mobile marketing translates into any activity that revolves around being on the move; some think of mobile marketing as cars wrapped in brilliant colors that catch the eye of motorists. Others consider billboards, high-rise digital message panels and street hawkers as a form of mobile marketing. Most marketing strategists today consider mobile marketing a combination of campaigns that revolve around mobile devices like laptops, cell phones and iPads.

Mobile App Marketing

Most experts agree that these campaigns are designed around text and graphics to compel consumers to purchase a product or service. They also pique consumer interest and are very effective at building?brand loyalty. Building corporate awareness doesn?t always involve directly driving consumers to a retail website or neighborhood store. Sometimes it?s a subtle suggestion. Consider Charmin, the toilet paper manufacture. Charmin released an interactive application for mobile device users that locates the nearest public restroom. Users can review restroom ratings from other ?resters? and add their own opinions. How ingenious is that? We?ve all stood in line waiting for the key, just to be told there is no public restroom on property.?Charmin?s Sit or Squat?app fills a need that few other apps are going to satisfy. This is one way mobile marketing excels above TV or radio ads?it meets the customer with the message exactly when they need it.

Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research?says that it?s time to combine mobile data with big data processing and analytics in order to respond effectively to customers. By reaching out to customers through targeted advertising and responding with exceptional customer service or efficient streamlined order-on-line options, businesses can draw in the consumer and then cement the relationship. Business-to-business marketing channels are excellent venues for real-time-experiences. When communication is time sensitive, these integrated campaigns could prove highly beneficial.

Mobile application development?is expanding with technology that gives business owners and marketing managers opportunities to reach specific sectors of the population. Rather than a newspaper ad that relies on volume and hopes enough buyers happen to read the Sunday Post, mobile campaigns can be designed around apps that appeal to certain age groups, sports enthusiasts or supporters of charities. Media specialist and marketers are coming together in October 2012 for the 4th?annual Integrated Marketing Communications Conference to discuss the changing environment and keep professionals abreast of the newest trends and fading fads. Attendees to the workshop style conference are given the opportunity to engage with the speakers more freely about creative customer conversations that lead to more conversions?which is, after all, the primary reason for marketing.

Freelance marketing consultant?Luan Wise?insists now is the time for marketing strategists to seriously invest in mobile marketing and the infrastructure involved. She reminds business owners that a significant amount of website traffic now originates on a mobile device and loading times need to catch up with the traffic. She also cited a Juniper Research study that estimates by 2017 on-the-go purchases will reach $730 billion. It makes sound fiscal sense to develop and maintain apps and other mobile media to capture the expanding market.

In a recent article for?Mashable,?Joan Pan discussed the emerging sound technology that is very close to being in place for mobile marketing strategists. She discusses the interactive, audio activated technology developed by Sonic Notify. Some of the expected applications for this new sound media are receiving a thank-you note from your local barista after your morning cup of Joe and an instant coupon that appears on your smartphone while you browse the frozen food section of your local market. If you can imagine it, the time is fast approaching you can incorporate it into mobile marketing plans. Imagine pharmaceutical companies providing options for travelers to receive a three day supply of medication if they leave theirs at home, a moving company that has real time hands free communication with truck drivers so they can see if Fido followed the dog house into the truck on moving day, or a snap and shoot game from the local fast food restaurant. With the proper design tools and motivation, these are all available today.

While communications companies continue to release new interfaces to open the door for industry specific applications, marketers can reap the benefits of targeted mobile marketing. Consumers are an ever-increasing society of mobilites that depend on mobile devices to manage everything from tickets for the opera to scheduling heart surgery. It?s time to start more conversations with customers and supporters where they are?connected to a mobile device. if you don?t see it out there, this might be the best time to roll up your sleeves and design your own app to bring in traffic and build lifetime brand loyalty once they come.

Post by Jessica Stark*

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#SciAmBlogs Monday – IgNobels, medical research funding, gender bias in science, flesh-eating bacteria, bioluminescing fungi, and more.

27 Sep

#SciAmBlogs Monday ? IgNobels, medical research funding, gender bias in science, flesh-eating bacteria, bioluminescing fungi, and more. | The Network Central, Scientific American Blog Network ‘); } else { $(‘#’+formID+’ > .error’).fadeOut(‘slow’); $(‘#’+formID+’ > .error’).html(json.MESSAGE); } $(‘#’+formID+’ > .error’).fadeIn(‘slow’); } else { $(‘#’+formID).hide(); $(‘#’+formID).after(‘

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Web Design ? Boost Up Your Internet Business – Free Online …

27 Sep

A website could make or break your business. How we design and maintain your website can determine the success of your online business to a large degree. There are so many elements in a very website, which when transformed, can completely affect the visibility of your web site. When you launch your own personal website, you must ensure it ranks on the first page associated with popular search engines. Nicely, let us face it; for many people, if it is not on the 1st page, it does not are present. So, you need to keep a few tricks increase sleeve to improve your website targeted traffic. Pay utmost focus on web design.

You should have the money needed to invest in a new web design. If you do not have sufficient account try working with free web design software?s. Having a little bit of knowledge about HTML is important if you are designing your own website. This also provides you with the control of this article of your site. Tend not to compromise on the buyer privacy while developing a website. Your customers have to be assured that the internet site they are visiting is 100% safe. Check with your web hosting company about the security features it provides.

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If these seem like too much of perform, turn to a professional web design organization. You will be provided with a lot of webpage design options before you can choose the design and layout of your website. But, picking the right designer or company is important. The company needs to have some experience in the field. Starting a site is not a super easy job; especially if it is a large company. In other words, the web design firm you select should be done keeping in mind the sort of website you want.

Nominee list some of the best professional website design firms. You need to shell out a lot of attention to the reputation a certain agency holds. Consumer reports will be available online. You will have client comments and also details about the services provided. On the website of the design firm you will get information on their past work and other related information. This will aid make up your mind about which company to hire to design your internet site.

When you brief the web design requirements to the developer, make sure you have specific things in mind. The product and the market you are targeting should be thought about. The website should entice the target audience. Consumers should find it really easy to navigate your website. The client should not be confused about where or getting your product. They should be able to reach the web page of their choice. Increase past client testimonails from others on your website. And never forget to add any ?contact us? page. That adds trustworthiness to your business and also separates your website coming from hundreds of hoax web sites. Once your website is made, make sure you make the most out of it. Last but not the least; make sure you deliver that which you promise.

For more information about diseno web please visit the website.

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FBI to investigate officer shooting double-amputee

26 Sep

John Garcia stands in front of his home Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012, in Houston, where police say an officer shot and killed a one-armed, one-legged man in a wheelchair inside the group home. Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said the man cornered the officer in his wheelchair and was making threats while trying to stab the officer with the pen. At the time, the officer did not know what the metal object was that the man was waving, Silva said. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Cody Duty)

John Garcia stands in front of his home Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012, in Houston, where police say an officer shot and killed a one-armed, one-legged man in a wheelchair inside the group home. Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said the man cornered the officer in his wheelchair and was making threats while trying to stab the officer with the pen. At the time, the officer did not know what the metal object was that the man was waving, Silva said. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Cody Duty)

(AP) ? A caretaker at a group home for the mentally ill called police in the middle of the night because a one-armed, one-legged man in a wheelchair was angry and wouldn’t calm down.

What happened next is the subject of an investigation that now involves the FBI. One of the two Houston police officers who entered the home fatally shot the double-amputee in the head, saying he was cornered by the wheelchair and thought his partner was being threatened by what turned out to be a ballpoint pen.

Houston’s police chief responded Monday to escalating criticism about the weekend shooting by cautioning against a rush to judgment. Community and civil rights groups say the incident is another example of problems that the Houston Police Department has with using excessive force.

“It is my desire to have everyone reserve judgment until all the facts and evidence in this investigation have been gathered,” Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland said.

Officer Matthew Marin shot 45-year-old Brian Claunch early Saturday after responding to a call that the man, who reportedly lost two limbs in a train accident, was causing a disturbance. Police say Claunch cornered and threatened to kill Marin, who reportedly told investigators he didn’t know the object in Claunch’s hand was a pen.

John Garcia, who owns the group home, told reporters over the weekend that Claunch liked to draw.

McClelland said Monday he would enlist the FBI’s help in the investigation and reassured the public his officers are trained to deal with people with mental problems.

Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said she didn’t know if the department requesting FBI assistance in officer-involved shootings was rare but said “it’s the step we’re taking at this point.”

But the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice, a group that includes 16 local and national civil rights organizations, suggested Claunch’s death was part of a bigger problem at the Houston Police Department.

“The deeper problem is a failure to discipline for excessive force, especially in the area of shootings,” said Randall Kallinen, a member of the group and a local civil rights attorney. “They are concerned only about liability.”

Kallinen said he would like the shooting to spark a change in the department regarding discipline and training of officers.

Marin, a five-year veteran of the department, has been placed on three-day administrative leave. That is standard department procedure for all officer-involved shootings, and Silva said no unusual measures were being taken that would prevent Marin from returning to duty this week.

It’s the second time Marin has killed a suspect while on duty. In 2009, investigators said Marin came upon a man stabbing his neighbor to death at an apartment complex and fired when the suspect refused to drop the knife, according to the Houston Chronicle.

In 2008, Marin was one of three Houston police officers who were accused of assaulting the father of Green Bay Packers player Donald Driver. They were later cleared and filed a defamation lawsuit that was later dropped.

The Healing Hands group facility, located in a somewhat rundown brick home, was quiet Monday.

Garcia could not be found at the facility on Monday and a woman at a separate address under his name said he was not there and asked a reporter to leave the property.

Estella Olguin, a spokeswoman for the Harris County Guardianship Program, said Claunch had been a ward of the county since 2003 and had lived at the home since March.

Garcia said Claunch had lost his right leg to just above the knee and his entire right arm when he was hit by a train, according to the Houston Chronicle. He said Claunch was schizophrenic.

Marin and a partner arrived at the Healing Hands around 2:30 a.m. responding to a disturbance call made a caretaker at the home. Police have not elaborated on the nature of the disturbance and authorities Monday had not yet made the 911 call public.

Once inside the home, according to a department statement Monday, the two policemen found Claunch agitated and threatening to kill the officers and other residents. While yelling at the officers, Claunch “waved a shiny object in his hand in their direction,” according to the statement.

Police say Claunch refused an officer’s direction to drop what turned out to be a ballpoint pen.

“As the suspect backed one of the officers into a corner, he attempted to stab the officer with the object,” the statement said. “Officer Marin, fearing for his partner’s life, and his own safety, discharged his duty weapon one time, striking the suspect.”

Relatives of Claunch could not be found Monday. Public records show Claunch had brushes with the law multiple times over the last 20 years, including a 2006 arrest for trespassing at a shelter. His record also includes drug convictions.


Weber reported from San Antonio.


Follow Paul J. Weber on Twitter:

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Associated Press


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Avalanche deaths might be victims of Tibet crisis

26 Sep

KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) ? The climbers killed in a weekend avalanche in the Himalayas were part of a crush of mountaineers who came to the slope because of heightened tensions between Chinese authorities and Tibetans.

China rejected climbing permits for mountaineers hoping to scale peaks in the Tibetan Himalayas, forcing many to crowd onto mountains in Nepal, according to alpine companies.

As a result, about 30 teams were registered to climb Mount Manaslu, a 50 percent increase over last year, said Ang Tshering, who runs the popular Asian Trekking agency in Nepal.

About two dozen climbers were sleeping at a camp high on the mountain early Sunday when the avalanche swept over them. Rescuers have so far brought down the bodies of eight victims ? four French, one each from Germany, Italy and Spain, and a Nepali guide.

Tibet is a sensitive area for China, which sometimes limits access for foreign tourists. It has also in the past restricted the number of permits issued to climbers, and even stopped issuing them in 2008 while Chinese climbers took the Olympic torch to the top of Mount Everest before the Beijing Games.

Relations between Tibet and the Chinese government have been volatile this year, as many Tibetans set themselves on fire to bring attention to what they say is their suffering under China’s repressive policies. China claims Tibet has always been Chinese territory, but most Tibetans say the Himalayan region was independent for much of its history.

Chinese officials did not accept applications for climbing permits this year, without giving any reason, said Tshering of Asian Trekking, who is also the representative for the China Tibet Mountaineering Association.

As a result, climbers who were planning to climb Cho Oyu or Shisapangma in the Tibetan region changed their destination to Manaslu, a popular choice because it was not as difficult a climb as other high mountains, Tshering said. It also has a relatively cheap $5,000 permit, compared to $35,000 for Everest during the autumn season.

Other mountains also saw an increase in traffic, Tshering said,

Bikram Newpane of the Katmandu-based Himalayan Rescue Association, which helps mountaineers in distress, said China’s ban on permits for climbing the northern face of the Himalayas in Tibet could have added to the dangers.

“It is never 100 percent safe up on the mountains and the risks are always there. But there were more people on the mountains this year,” Newpane said.

Overcrowding has been a concern because of limited space on trails and short windows of safety for summiting mountains.

Four people were killed on Mount Everest during the May climbing season when a traffic jam pushed dozens of climbers on the same narrow path to the summit, forcing many to stay too long at high altitudes and exhaust their oxygen supplies.

It is not clear if the extra people on Manaslu contributed to the tragedy. What does appear clear is that many would not have been on that mountain had their Tibetan climbing permits been accepted.

However, a crush of climbers could have benefits too, providing extra hands for rescue operations. Newpane praised the swift rescue on Manaslu, carried out by the trekking agencies that organized the expeditions.

Climbers also blame climate change for some of the recent tragedies on the Himalayan peaks, which have been hit by warmer weather that melts more snow and makes the surface unstable.

“The uncertainty of the weather condition has increased in the past few years on the mountains. The melting glaciers on the mountains make the grounds unstable,” said Zimba Zangbu of the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Zangbu said it continued to rain for two weeks in Nepal during the monsoon season that just ended.

“When it rains in the rest of the country, it snows on the mountains. Manaslu was also blanketed with soft snow,” he said, adding that this type of snowfall does not get packed on the mountain surface and can lead to avalanches.

The spring season is more popular for climbers because the weather conditions are better on higher peaks before the monsoon brings rain and snow. High winds in the area known as the death zone over 8,000 meters (26,400 feet) also make climbing difficult during autumn.


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Rep: Green Day’s Armstrong getting treatment

26 Sep

This Sept. 21, 2012 photo released by Clear Channel shows Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performing at the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. (AP Photo/Clear Channel, Andrew Swartz)

This Sept. 21, 2012 photo released by Clear Channel shows Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performing at the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. (AP Photo/Clear Channel, Andrew Swartz)

(AP) ? Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is headed to treatment for substance abuse.

Sunday’s announcement by the band’s representative comes after the 40-year-old frontman had a meltdown onstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Friday. As Green Day was wrapping up its performance during the all-star, two-day concert, Armstrong profanely complained that the band’s time was being cut short.

“One minute left, one minute (expletive) left. You’re gonna give me (expletive) one minute? … I’m not (expletive) Justin Bieber, you (expletives)!” he yelled (Bieber was not part of the night’s festivities).

Armstrong smashed his guitar before leaving the stage.

In a statement to The Associated Press, Green Day apologized “to those they offended at the iHeartRadio Festival” and said the set was not cut short by Clear Channel, host of the two-day festival.

The Grammy-winning band also is canceling some promotional appearances. It is due to release the album “Uno” on Tuesday, the follow-up to “21st Century Breakdown,” released three years ago. “Uno” is the first in a trilogy of albums; the second is to be out in November, and the last in January. The band is due to kick off a nationwide tour Nov. 26 in Seattle.

Armstrong was hospitalized in early September in Bologna, Italy, for an undisclosed ailment, but recovered well enough to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 6. Since then, the band has made a series of performances, including a “Good Morning America” performance and a New York City concert for the launch of Nokia Music on Sept. 15. No interviews of the band were allowed that evening, but the band chatted with fans and Nokia and AT&T executives before performing for about two hours.

It’s unclear what Armstrong is receiving treatment for; in 2003, he was arrested for DUI, and has acknowledged in the past taking various drugs but has said he now eschews them.

Green Day is one of rock’s top acts and had huge success with its 2004 politically charged album “American Idiot,” which went on to become a Broadway musical. Armstrong performed for a stretch in the musical.

Most recently, he was a mentor on the NBC talent competition “The Voice.”




AP Managing Editor Lou Ferrara contributed to this report.


Nekesa Mumbi Moody is the AP’s Global Entertainment & Lifestyles editor her. Follow her at

Associated Press


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#DispatchesDNLee: Headed Home

25 Sep

#DispatchesDNLee: Headed Home | The Urban Scientist, Scientific American Blog Network ‘); } else { $(‘#’+formID+’ > .error’).fadeOut(‘slow’); $(‘#’+formID+’ > .error’).html(json.MESSAGE); } $(‘#’+formID+’ > .error’).fadeIn(‘slow’); } else { $(‘#’+formID).hide(); $(‘#’+formID).after(‘

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