Legalize Domestic Ferrets in California

16 Jan
Legalize Domestic Ferrets Demands a Hearing with President Obama

Domestic ferrets are just that – domestic pets. It’s been that way for thousands of years. Domestic ferrets are legal in 48 states, without issue. You never hear about feral ferrets running?amuck?or ferrets attacking people in the streets.

Interestingly, the state with likely the most pet ferrets is likely California. Yet, California is the only contiguous state which bans ferrets. The reason? I don’t know? Sadly, they don’t know either? Not really.

The contention is that ferrets may get out and reproduce, creating feral populations and impacting the environment in the process. There are several problems with this argument. For staters, nearly all (and I mean at least 99 percent) of pet ferrets are spay/neutered. Reproducing would be quite a trick. When ferrets get out, unlike domestic cats, they sadly are ill-equipped?to hunt on their own. The California Fish & Game Commission?is worried about ferrets hunting chickens. Thing is, that’s not happened in any other state. Outdoors on their own, ferrets are far more likely to become prey than to act as predators.

Ferrets?are also particularly prone to?environmental?extremes, which may occur in some parts of California. Moreover, as mentioned, there isn’t a known population of feral domestic ferrets anywhere in America.

Hawaii has such an incredibly fragile and threatened wild population of mammals and birds, I can at least understand the fear of introduced species.

The truth is that in?California?the ferret ban continues to be travesty, a waste of dollars when ferrets are confiscated. Don’t the?California Fish & Game Commission and animal control officers have better things to do?

Efforts to legalize ferrets have failed. Despite starring in a film with ferrets, Governor Arnold?Schwarzenegger (“Kindergarten Cop”) failed to act. Currently, Governor Jerry Brown says he has bigger fish to fry . Local legislators in the state are too intimidated to stand up to Fish and Game. Or say there aren’t enough facts.

So a group called commissioned a study (Preliminary Environmental Impact Report on the subject from Sacramento State University)?to get those facts. Now, Fish and Game really don’t want to hear the facts.

I offered a solution – which seems to make sense – mandate all ferrets are spay/neutered (which as I said, they nearly are anyway), and mandate rabies vaccines. Maybe, all ferrets should also be microchipped (benefitting ferrets and ferret owners).

California Fish and Game, meanwhile, offers no logic whatsoever as why they continue to block the legalization of pet ferrets.

So, in an effort to continue their quest to legalize ferrets – and save ferret lives – these animals have done nothing wrong and no one has suggested they aren’t appropriate pets – ?the group has created an online petition with the White House, which I absolutely support. ?Please consider signing it. You may save lives.


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