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How Star Wars would be if it were a Tarantino film

12 May

How Star Wars would be if it were a Tarantino film

After watching this Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars trailer, I want to see him direct Star Wars Episode VIII. I mean, it makes total sense: it’s all about cowboys, magical samurais, and bad guys who look like Nazis.

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OnePlus One review: a $300 smartphone has never looked so good

8 May

Look at your phone. If you can honestly admit that you love every single thing about it, I have good news: You can stop reading this review, since it won’t have an impact on your happiness. But if there’s even one thing you wish your smartphone could…

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Wallpaper That Looks Like a Swedish Sunset

6 May

Wallpaper That Looks Like a Swedish Sunset

If you long for a little extra sun after-hours, then this wallpaper might be just the ticket. Designed by Swedish brand Sandberg, the wall covering resembles a sunset from the nation’s shores.

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Scientists confirm the existence of the heaviest element ever seen

3 May

It’s tricky to verify the existence of super heavy elements; you have to fuse very short-lived materials, hope you get some useful atoms, and wait for someone else to reproduce your achievement. However, scientists at a particle accelerator lab in…

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