Scientists confirm the existence of the heaviest element ever seen

3 May

It’s tricky to verify the existence of super heavy elements; you have to fuse very short-lived materials, hope you get some useful atoms, and wait for someone else to reproduce your achievement. However, scientists at a particle accelerator lab in…

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Finally, Sunglasses That Ping Your Phone When You Leave Them Behind

30 Apr

Finally, Sunglasses That Ping Your Phone When You Leave Them Behind

It’s inevitable. You finally find that perfect pair of sunglasses that don’t make you look like a dingus, convince yourself to lay out an absurd amount of money to buy them… And then you leave them in a public bathroom, never to be seen again. The folks at Tzukuri want to end that, with iBeacon-powered shades that send an alert to your iPhone when you leave them behind.

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Create Instant Hot Wheels Tracks With a Roll Of Road

23 Apr

Create Instant Hot Wheels Tracks With a Roll Of Road

The only downside to that giant web of plastic Hot Wheels tracks criss-crossing your child’s playroom is that they’re essentially a permanent installation. So if you find yourself visiting family and need some place for die-cast cars to cruise, this 164-foot roll of instant drag strip should fit the bill.

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10 animals that might become extinct in the next 10 years

22 Apr

10 animals that might become extinct in the next 10 years

Chances are you won’t see these rare animals at the local zoo because their population is down to the last hundreds. In some cases, it’s much worse than that with only a couple left. Some of these animals you’ve never heard of but others on the verge of extinction are related to animals you know and loveā€”like certain types of tigers, frogs, leopards, turtles, dolphins, etc. In 10 years, they might not exist at all. Sad.

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Watch a super genius honey badger break out of all kinds of cages

19 Apr

Watch a super genius honey badger break out of all kinds of cages

No matter what you do, you can’t keep this honey badger locked up. It’s a master jail breaker. Lock the gate? It’ll find out how to slide it open. Put it in a deep pit with high walls, it’ll build a rock ramp. Take away the rocks? It’ll use mud or trees to climb out. What a fascinatingly clever little badger. I hope he never stops coming up with crazy plans to free himself.

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iMore show 398 LIVE! Join us at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm BST

18 Apr

The iMore show returns live today with Rene and Peter talking all the week’s news. Make sure you join us!

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Kim Dotcom will celebrate getting his fortune back on the race track

16 Apr

Kim Dotcom’s getting his fortune back, and to celebrate, he’s throwing a party. The Megaupload founder tweeted this morning that Auckland’s High Court will return the cash, vehicles and property that were seized on behalf of the US back in 2012. On…

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